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In the company 5B BOGETIĆ, we provide accounting services for large, medium and small companies, as well as entrepreneurs. We adapt the precise and professional performance of our services to the specifics of each individual company to which we offer our services. We provide our clients with a service appropriate to their activity, method and scope of business. Read More!  

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What we do?

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Our accounting service can perform complete management for you, or you can leave only certain areas to us
With tax advice, we reduce your tax obligations to a minimum with our comprehensive approach. Our tax experts are up to date with the ever-changing complex rules of tax regulation.
In addition to accounting and tax services, we also offer our partners COMPANY REGISTRATION, with all accompanying services related to work with the tax administration, such as: obtaining PIB, obtaining VAT...

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Our strengths

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A reputable accounting firm

As a larger accounting service, we provide specific knowledge. With foreign institutions, we act as a reputable and respected accounting firm because our company consists of top experts in the field of accounting and taxes.
As a company, good business practices, reliability and courtesy mean a lot to us. and that is why we approach each client individually in relation to their specific needs.

We look at accounting from an entrepreneurial point of view

We build trust with our clients by advising them in all areas of accounting and financial business and taxes. Also, we assume all responsibility regarding the correctness of the postings.

We work Together

Our strengths

Modern business

With knowledge and experience, we save your time and money!

People and careers

Our employees are highly qualified for the job of accounting and finance, first of all they are economists with a certified accountant diploma, lawyers and certified accountants.